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Texas Abortion Laws Prevented This Woman From Inducing Labor for Her Dying Fetus

After being notified 20 weeks into her pregnancy that due to problems the fetus had no chance of survival, Texas woman Taylor Mahaffey, 23, was required to await it to die in the womb because of to a state law that avoided her from terminating it.

Mahaffey and her husband, Daniel, 29, are now promoting to change the law in Texas, which forbids abortions after 20 weeks, and which they have actually consistently referred to as “inhumane.”.

The Austin-based couple went to St. David’s Medical Center on March 23. “By the time we got to the medical facility, [the fetus’] feet were currently coming out of the womb and pushing through the cervix,” Daniel composed in a Reddit post Sunday.

Lawfully unable to cause the labor, which would eventually cause the fetus’ death, the health center sent the couple home.

“These laws made my other half feel our kid battle inside her for days,” Daniel composed in his post. “We cried ourselves to rest every night. We spent 4 days in and out of the healthcare facility waiting for nature to take its course.

“Regardless of where one stands on pro-choice vs. pro-life, I believe that we can all agree that forcing a person to go through labor for a non-viable baby is cruel, inhumane and ethically indefensible.”.

Taylor posted her own account of events Sunday on Facebook, likewise imploring individuals to promote for a modification in the law.

“Regardless if you are pro-choice or pro-life, I’m sure that we can all agree, this system isn’t really working,” she wrote. “So please, if you have a minute, write a letter to your regional reps. Tell them the reality. These laws are godless.”.


The legislation in concern bans abortions after 20 weeks unless the mother’s life is threatened, citing mostly unsubstantiated claims the fetus can feeling pain.

“This expense is incredibly intrusive into the practice of medicine,” Bradley Price, an OB-GYN at St. David’s Medical Center, informed the Daily Beast. Cost spoke on behalf of the Texas District of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and also testified in front of your house State Affairs committee in 2013 when it was considering the bill proposal.

Rate cautions the law lacks enough medical evidence for it to allow for “safe and proven procedures” for women.

A term paper in Clinical Review, “Fetal Pain: A Systematic Multidisciplinary Review of the Evidence,” authored by 4 physicians and a lawyer, makes a similar argument.

“Pain understanding requires conscious recognition or awareness of a poisonous stimulus,” the paper states. “Neither withdrawal reflexes nor hormonal tension responses to intrusive treatments prove the existence of fetal discomfort, because they can be elicited by nonpainful stimuli and occur without conscious cortical processing.”.

Regardless of the contradictory evidence, 16 states have some variant of the 20-week abortion ban.

“If you’re fretted about pain at 20 weeks, exactly what about pain at 40 weeks?” Rate queried. “Are we going to ask infants to go through the birth canal still? Is vaginal shipment out of the question? If you take it to a not logical conclusion, that’s where you go.”.